(Last Updated On: May 31, 2017)

Apple’s iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus are not going to be the only mobile gadgets that will possess impressive processing power courtesy of the A8 processor incorporated in to the two gadgets. Apple’s next generation iPad, the iPad Air 2, which is all set to be unveiled at the company’s event due to be scheduled on the 16th of October, is rumored to be running an improved version of the A8 processor; one that will possess processing power that will dwarf the existing ones exuding from Apple’s current flagship mobile devices.

Apple’s iPad Air, which was branded as the lightest, fastest, and thinnest iPad ever, was equipped with Apple’s A7 processor, which made short work of the competition and its predecessors thanks to its grease lightning processing capabilities coupled with its processor’s energy efficiency, not to mention the inclusion of a sidekick processor (M7), which handled the lesser taxing operations on the device. Now, the iPad Air 2 is rumored to be carrying a supercharged variant of the processor that is currently found in the company’s iPhone 6 devices.

According to the images presented by Apple.club.tw; if the authenticity of these images turn out to be completely accurate, then iPad enthusiasts will be looking Apple’s A8X processor powering the tablet. In addition to the turbo processor, there are rumors that the device will be sporting 2 GB of RAM, with is double the amount present on the iPad Air and Apple’s iPhone 6 offerings. Furthermore, there is also a possibility that the upcoming iPad will be running a more capable and powerful graphics engine, and the combination of Apple’s iOS 8 operating system (except for the few hiccups that were experienced by users after they updated their devices), it will turn out to be one powerful slate.

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