(Last Updated On: May 31, 2017)

The iOS 8.1 is not at all a child’s play and comes with features that have the potentiality to turn the internet market around. With the all new iOS 8.1 ready for update you can change the way how you used to work, share and shop. It has brought along with itself a host of interesting features and applications that are not only fun but useful as well. The iOS 8.1 has introduced the Apple Pay that makes purchase from the Apple Store or the iTunes much easier than before, and of course, safe as well.

Added services from Apple

Apple Store and the iTunes offer a huge number of interesting apps and a whole new world of music respectively. With the Apple Pay, purchasing any of these apps or songs from the iTunes can be done faster and more easily. And it is not only about the Apple Pay but a lot of other features as well. Even though the iOS 8.1 is compatible with the iPhone 4s, the iPad 2 and iPod touch few of it’s outstanding features are compatible only with iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPad mini and iPad Air 2. The Apple allows you to take a snap of your card and have it linked with the Apple ID. The card would already be listed if the card you are using is a partner card of the Apple Pay. The Apple Pay can also be used in a real store as well. The payment information and other confidential details are also protected by the secure element chip.

Extra features to watch outiOS-8

The camera roll has also been included in the list along with the iCLoud Photo library that acts as a pack up for all the photos, videos u capture with your iPhone. And the photos are uploaded on the iCloud with full resolution. Continuity is another interesting feature that would enable you to continue with a draft that you have been preparing on your Mac book on your iPhone and complete it.

For the continuity feature to work you should have Handoff enabled on your device. And it is applicable for your calls as well. Thus you can receive call that comes on your iPhone from your Macbook. Message or MMS can be received from any device in the way imessages are sent. On your iPhone with the iOS 8.1 you can actually save a lot of money by using 2G, 3G or LTE networks.


Apple IOS 8 Features

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