(Last Updated On: November 27, 2017)

There’s a lot more to securely erasing hard disks than simply formatting them. When you format a hard drive, nothing other than the master file table is deleted. Instead, the previously occupied disk space is marked as available by the operating system and the data is untouched. Using data recovery software, however, anyone can easily access the supposedly deleted data in a matter of minutes. That’s why hard drive sanitation is extremely important when dealing with any data-bearing devices that contain sensitive corporate or personal information.Another option, of course, is to completely physically destroy the drive, but using digital sanitation software at least allows you to reuse the drives.

Automatically Erase Hundreds of Disks

Active@ KillDisk Industrial provides an industrial solution for securely wiping upwards of 100 drives in parallel. The software is designed for both Linux and Windows platforms, and it is extremely customizable. There’s also an automatic mode which you nonetheless have complete control over using the facility to program multiple specific actions as soon as a drive is connected to the system. For example, using automatic mode, you can connect a hard drive to the data storage server and have it automatically examine and securely erase drives as soon as you connect them. KillDisk Industrial can even automatically print out a certificate displaying the drive erased successfully to the US DoD 5220-22M secure erasure standard. 23 internationally-recognized disk sanitation standards are supported.

Permanently Destroys All Data

Unlike physical destruction or degaussing, KillDisk Industrial safely deletes all data on the drive as such that you can use the device again. To start with, the program can be configured to perform a complete disk examination. This feature sets the system to automatically scan disks for bad sectors before wiping them. The rich set of tools includes a SMART monitor and a Hex viewer and file browser. These features also allow you to get a complete overview of the drive and the data stored on it. KillDisk Industrial supports a range of data sanitation standards, including those introduced by the US Department of Defense, NIST, NCSC and more. Erasure is also compliant with HIPAA and other regulations.

Easy Operation

Securely erasing hundreds of hard drives used to be an extremely lengthy and complicated procedure. Fortunately, KillDisk Industrial makes the job easier than ever, and no job is too big for it. In addition to automatic erasure of connected disks, it also provides reports and printed labels and certificates, and you can create batch operations on groups of related drives. KillDisk Industrial supports any hard drive or solid-state drive, either internal or external. Basically, if your hard drives can be connected through a SATA, eSATA, USB or USB 3.0 port, then it will work with this system. The program also comes with the optional LiveUSB bootable disk, which allows you to run KillDisk using a graphical interface without having to boot up into the normal operating system. You’ll then be able to boot up and wipe any computer without having to put the drive into another system – particularly useful if you’re selling, donating or recycling a no longer used computer.

To learn more about KillDisk Industrial, visit http://killdisk.com/killdisk-industrial.htm today.

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