(Last Updated On: February 17, 2015)

Earlier this month, iconic imaging company Kodak announced that it has every intention of getting in to the smartphone industry by partnering up with leading mobile device manufacturer Bullitt Group. The company plans to roll out a smartphone that will be running the Android platform, but in addition to that, the company stated that the mobile device will be offering more than just a fluid and flexible mobile operating system experience to the user.

Kodak had also made the announcement that it was going to launch a flurry of smartphones in 2015 that will possess the best-in-class image management software and features along with great design and UI. Currently, the company has not hinted towards what kind of tech is going to be incorporated in to the camera but said that it will be targeted towards those who have an affinity to take snaps and record videos with their mobile devices. We are not sure with this ambiguous statement that Kodak has made but in the technological age, you seldom see people carrying large, bulky and cumbersome image taking gear with them. All the moments that they want to capture are done using their smartphones.

However, what will be interesting about this gadget is that since Kodak will have a hand in manufacturing it, perhaps it will provide more room for image taking aficionados to stretch their arms and legs and run wild with taking a boatload of images. The augmented user interface that the company has said to incorporate will also provide a myriad of functions to alter and enhance images and videos.

The first handset will be launched at CES 2015 on the Kodak stand in South Hall 1, Booth 21818. The handsets following after that will also possess LTE connectivity.