(Last Updated On: May 31, 2017)

The iPhone 6 plus phablet is causing all kinds of problems in terms of user-friendliness simply because the device

does not fit well in a human hand at all.
If Apple were thinking of one thing when dreaming up the 6 plus, practicality was surely not it. The 6 plus features
the exact same, absolutely stunning design as the iPhone 6, but, because it is a bigger phone, naturally it would
make sense to tweak the design to suit the size. Sadly Apple has not delivered here. The 5.5 inch screen equipped
phablet may be beautiful, but as with all big phones, it is difficult to grip. Most models come with a curved rear or
textured back to maximise grip and overcome this problem, but the 6 plus features neither of these design ideas.
Therefore, it is near impossible for users to hold it comfortably and securely, and the super smooth, sleek finish
that’s so gorgeous it actually ends up further impeding users.

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Breakable Design Flaw?

As so many people have complained of dropping theirs, sadly if you are a 6 plus owner, the best way to proceed is
probably to bite the bullet and hide your beautiful work of art away in a protective case. The fact is that the larger
the screen, the more delicate and easy to break it is, and the 6 plus’s screen is the largest on an iPhone yet. With a
case, you may no longer be able to appreciate your phone’s beauty, but your wallet will thank you every time you
inevitably drop your 6 plus and the case prevents you having to pay for a screen replacement. We hope that
Apple’s next phablet offering will be more considerate towards the functionality and user-friendly end of things, but
in the meantime if you are an owner, here are some of the best cases designed to house this large phablet:

The Case-Mate Tough Air Case

This case wraps your phone in a bubble-wrap-like material that offers shock absorbent protection but does not add
any serious bulk like a lot of rugged cases will. The sheer design is also quite pleasing, with just a touch of
funkiness. It also lets you appreciate some of the phone underneath’s aesthetics, too, which is a massive bonus
considering what you paid for the phone.

holding an Iphone 6 Incipio Highland

This case is not going to win any beauty contests, with its pretty standard design offering no wow-factor or
eye-catching features. It will, however, protect your iPhone 6 plus and its screen, with a front cover that folds over it
when not in use. Flipping the front cover back will also create a mini stand for your phone, which is a really nice

Griffin Survivor All-Terrain

This case is probably best reserved for the outdoor enthusiast, who is expecting their phone to take a few knocks.
The case is tested to military standards for drop, dust, sand and rain protection, so you can keep your baby truly
safe on your next outdoor expedition. The Survivor looks like it sounds – it is rugged, and bulky, but this is obvious
for its degree of functionality.

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