(Last Updated On: October 27, 2015)

AMD’s FreeSync technology, which is similar to NVIDIA’s G-Sync tech when it comes to eliminating screen tearing and providing a fluid gaming experience has finally been incorporated in to a monitor that is currently retailing in UK stores. However, AMD kept its promise and delivered as expected when it first boasted how the monitors utilizing AMD’s tech will be far cheaper than NVIDIA’s monitors that feature G-Sync technology. Fact of the matter is that the monitor currently being sold is $170 cheaper than NVIDIA’s G-Sync monitors, which means AMD has finally got the upper hand against its long time, graphics tech nemesis.

The FreeSync monitor features a 4K resolution and carries a price tag of 390 British Pounds, which translates in to $600 USD. In terms of aesthetics, it bears similarities to Acer’s 4K G-Sync monitor, the Predator 4k2k XB280HK. Acer’s monitor carries a price tag of 500 British pounds at the same e-retailer, which when converted in to U.S dollars, equals $770 USD. The company’s monitor that features AMD’s technology is called Iiyama and another perk of owning it is that the e-retailer is giving 3 years of warranty compared to the 2 years on the Acer product.

However, there is just one minuscule obstacle that will need to be overcome in order to take advantage of AMD’s FreeSync technology on the Iiyama product; it will require an update to enable this functionality. The company is currently offering a zero amount of charge in updating the firmware of the technology as well as the product’s.While Iiyama is the first company to roll out monitors boasting AMD’s display technology, the price disparity currently present between AMD’s FreeSync and NVIDIA’s G-Sync monitors will no doubt allow other companies to start incorporating the former’s tech in to their display products.

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