The internet of things is an elongated term used to define the idea of connecting everyday objects, ranging from thermostats to kitchen appliances to the World Wide Web and allow them to function through the use of apps present in mobile devices (functioning through wireless or data connectivity). While the idea of having ordinary items to be able to connect to the internet to function without physically your fingers lifting sounds highly impressive, but forcing the plan to reach to fruition will take a long time.

However, ARM has decided to expedite that process thanks to the announcement of a brand new IoT-specific device platform that includes a free operating system (optimized for for ARM’s Cortex M processor running devices) and a server side software product that will tie the final knot of the entire package together.

The platform will not be limited to the home either. ARM was keen to point out the potential this would have in a city-wide application. Zach Shelby, who is the director of technical marketing at ARM, has stated that the platform will not be limited to home appliances since he was keen to mention an example that external objects such as street lights will be able to function using this platform. The platform is also looking enticing to be incorporated in to wearables that are not running the Android Wear OS or Apple’s iWatch for that matter. Devices that are manufactured to perform rudimentary functions as heart rate sensors and other tasks of low energy will be able to perform in a congruent relationship to the platform.

ARM has gathered several partners that have already signed up to the idea, but unfortunately, the showcasing of this platform will most likely take place next year. However, in a few years’ time, nearly everything around us will be connected.

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