(Last Updated On: September 19, 2018)

The competition between web-browsers heats up after the Google Chrome showed up on the scene a few years back with a very fast performance and light weight system resource usage and it did emerge the internet browser for the future but that doesn’t mean it’s also best for Netflix.

Netflix is all about watching high resolution movies, TV shows and videos online with fast streaming on your PC, game console, smart TV, mobile or tablet etc therefore it is very important to opt for the most appropriate web browser to enjoy each bit of the Netflix. There are number of different tests conducted by users to check the overall performance of different web browsers and some important results are concluded. A very comprehensive test was conducted by John Blossom to compare the speed, performance and memory usage of different web browsers on a device having similar configurations. Following important results were obtained.


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Performance and standard compliance test

This test was conducted with different browsers on Mac and Samsung devices of similar configurations and following results were obtained. Google Chrome and Opera (Google based) run away with the contest with an overall higher score than the other browsers indicating better speed and performance when JavaScript and html5 stuff were executed.

Netflix Browser SpeedometerRAM Usage on Idle

Next test was about the Ram usage by the web explorers on idle condition and you can see here the Internet Explorer is on top followed by the Edge.

Netflix Browser Memory Usage on IdleMemory Usage with Six Tabs Load

In this test total six tabs were opened including YouTube, Netflix, Facebook, Twitter etc on each of the selected browsers and the memory usage of the device were checked. Following results were concluded.

Netflix Browser Memory Usage with Six tabs open

Microsoft claims that they have engineered the highest quality, most secure, and most efficient video playback feature on Windows 10. Microsoft provides the best video experience of any browser. Microsoft also conducted some tests and releases following results.

The above results produced by the Microsoft were also confirmed by the Netflix’s literature.

Microsoft Edge is not only leading in supporting the higher resolution videos but it also qualifies in another test, conducted by the Microsoft, based on power consumption while playing a video on different browsers.


 Best Web Browser for Netflix

If you really want to enjoy each bit of Netflix on your PC with operating system Windows use Microsoft Edge and if you are using Mac Safari web browser is recommended.