(Last Updated On: May 31, 2017)

Apple looks to be taking things big ever since they rolled out its large screen iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus. Taking the focus away from the mobile side of things and converging that focus on the desktop side of things, Apple might finally be getting geared up to launch its first ever desktop computer that will be sporting a Retina display.

According to several rumors, the 27 inch iMac desktop computer will be getting a Ultra HD resolution upgrade. Previously manufactured iMacs were coming in the screen resolution measuring 2560 × 1440 (109 PPI). Upcoming iMacs will be radiating the resolution 5120 × 2880 (218 PPI). That is equivalent to four times the number of pixels present on the screen. In order to render so many pixels, the iMac is also rumored to be stuffed with impressive hardware specifications.

The impressive hardware specifications will automatically lead to the product coming with an insanely high price tag but since Apple has also maintained its discipline to price its products with an inflated price tag, this product is not going to be any different. It is highly likely that the large screen resolution iMac will be showcased at the Apple’s next press event, which is scheduled to take place sometime in October, along with a new line up of iPads.

When the technical specifications are concerned, the new iMac is expected to be fitted with Intel’s Core i7-4790K Haswell CPU (clocked at 4 GHz). In addition, the company is also looking to stick with AMD’s GPUs (since they cost less compared to NVIDIA’s chips and are able to perform at par with its rival’s graphic cards). While NVIDIA’s Maxwell products would have been a far more expedient option, Apple has decided to stick with AMD’s chips.

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