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Before we move on, a person needs to know what a Closed-Circuit Television DVR, or Closed-Circuit Television Digital Video Recorder, is a device that can be used to record, store and view digital videos that have been recorded by Closed-Circuit television cameras. CCTV cameras need to be hooked up to a source that provides them with power and storage space, and this source can either be a computer or a Digital Video Recorder.

When a CCTV camera capable of recording video is hooked up to a DVR, it constantly transmits video to the DVR, all of which is saved and can be viewed both live and later by the user. There are many, many different Digital Video Recorders which a person can choose from when it comes to purchasing a Digital Video Recorder, which is the reason why a person must be able to identify a brilliant digital video recorder. The following are all of the qualities which a good Closed-Circuit Television DVR must have:

A considerably large amount of storage space

As stated before, the reason why CCTV cameras need to be hooked up to a DVR or computer is because they need storage space and power to operate. This is the reason why a good dvr recorder must have a considerably large amount of storage space. In addition, the more storage space a DVR has the better, because that will allow the CCTV camera(s) connected to the DVR to store more data on it.

A good range of connectivity optionscctv

A good Closed-Circuit Television Digital Video Recorder must also have a good range of connectivity options. For example, a good DVR Recorder must be capable of being connected to a computer monitor so that a person can view the videos stored on it on their computer, must be able to be connected to the cloud so that it can create a backup of all the data stored on it, and must be able to be connected to a sufficiently large number of CCTV cameras at once.

Exemplary encoding

Different CCTV DVRs come with different kinds of encodings. Some DVRs encode videos in the .mp4 format, whereas some DVRs encode videos in .avi format. Well, another quality which the best CCTV Digital Video Recorder must have is exemplary encoding so that the video files that are stored are encoded in the most efficient way possible.

Still not convinced?

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