(Last Updated On: May 31, 2017)

A Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) camera is a camera that is connected to a computer or Digital Video Recorder and is placed at an ideal vantage point so that it records images or video of the area in its sight and transmits the data to the computer or Digital Video Recorder it is connected to.

CCTV surveillance cameras are exceptional security and surveillance tools, but if a person is thinking of purchasing one or two of them, they will definitely wonder why they should buy a CCTV system. Well, the following are some of the most significant and compelling reasons why you should buy a CCTV surveillance system.

CCTV’s are amazing at what they do

The most significant reason why you should buy a CCTV surveillance system is to fulfill your security and surveillance needs

CCTV surveillance cameras cannot be tampered with3xCCTV-Cameras

Closed-Circuit Television cameras are extremely reliable and trustworthy as they operate on a closed circuit or network, restricting any and all external access to them. This means that CCTV cameras cannot be tampered with or hacked into. In addition, the fact that CCTV’s cannot be tampered with or accessed externally is another reason why a person should purchase CCTV systems for their security and surveillance needs.

A large number of add-ons and accessories are available for CCTV cameras

There have been an extremely large number of breakthroughs and advancements in the world of Closed-Circuit Television cameras lately, and these breakthroughs and advancements have given way to some of the most intricate and revolutionary inventions in the Closed-Circuit Television camera world – add-ons and accessories. Some of the many add-ons and accessories that have been created in the near past include add-ons that allow CCTV cameras to perform thermal scanning, and accessories that allow CCTV’s to perform Infrared scans.

CCTV Systems are affordable

Another compelling and exceptionally significant reason why you should buy a CCTV system is whenever you need to set up a security perimeter that you want to monitor for security purposes.