(Last Updated On: May 31, 2017)

PTZ cameras have been around for years now, however most people still don’t know them by name. They’ve always been very popular in the business world because of their functional practicality but outside of the people involved with security, very few people would even know what PTZ stands for.

What Does PTZ Stand For?

PTZ cameras are named for their capability to pan, tilt, and zoom, on the fly through a 3D Joystick controller or their preset programming. They’ve been around for so long but because of their hefty price tags of yesteryears, people rarely even considered them for their homes or even small stores. They usually come with a very high powered, high resolution, motorized zoom lens that allows the user to control their zoom level on the fly. They are housed in a powerful, motorized case that allows for vertical and horizontal movement. This makes them ideal for outdoor areas, as well as large office spaces like a warehouse or factory floor, or a large office floor. In fact, one PTZ camera can often replace several fixed cameras if placed properly.

Since home surveillance systems are becoming increasingly popular nowadays, more and more companies are researching and manufacturing inexpensive PTZ cameras as they are becoming a popular choice for homeowners as well.


The PTZ camera available with CCTV42 comes with a high resolution, zoom lens with up to 30 times optical zoom, and are priced at an economical £549.95 before VAT. It also has exceptional IR illumination and a very high quality Sony CCD, 1/3 inch sensor that guarantees high clarity, high detail recording, even in deteriorating light conditions, with a maximum, zoomed in, effective range of 100 meters.

Since their PTZ camera is completely programmable, you can store and link preset points for the camera to follow and focus on for the specified duration automatically. This patrol path increases automation, but at the same time, makes the camera’s surveillance more effective. This camera also comes with built-in memory, that means that all camera settings and patrol paths set by the user are stored in the camera itself, and the camera retains it all in case there is a power failure.

However, the best feature of their PTZ camera is that it is fully compatible with any DVR and controller that use the RS485 control protocol, and it automatically detects and recognizes any control signals coming in. It also uses industry standard BNC, and 5.5mm DC plugs for video and power connections, as well as a dedicated power supply.

All in all, the CCTV42 PTZ camera is a great addition to any surveillance system and is well worth the price tag.

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