(Last Updated On: February 12, 2015)

No matter where we live and what we do, the safety and security of our home, our family is our paramount concern. However, since most of us can’t afford private security or body guards, we have to make do with what we can afford. Luckily for us, a good surveillance system is a great deterrent for most burglars and can stop home invaders dead in their tracks. Oftentimes, it’s more intimidating than a burly guy in a suit, standing guard outside our door. However, surveillance cameras can be pretty expensive, and finding the right one can be a tedious affair. That’s where CCTV42’s range of cameras comes in. However, choosing the right one from their list is still a daunting task. This small guide to their internal dome cameras should help with that.

Wide Angle Lens Cameras

One of the most important types of cameras you could install in your home, wide angle lens cameras are great at covering an area like a bedroom or your kitchen and living room, specially if your home sports an open plan design. CCTV42’s small, 3.6mm wide angle lens camera is great for this job. It can capture details at up to three to five meters in illuminated areas, making it ideal. It doesn’t come with infra-red illumination but it still works great in very low light conditions where the human eye would only see darkness. They come with Sony CCD and DSP chipset technology which makes them great at capturing details in low light. The best part is that they are relative inexpensive at £49.95 before VAT.

General Purpose Lens Cameras

General purpose cameras tend to come in very handy to cover the entrance or hallway, and for monitoring specific entry points. The small, 8mm mid telephoto lens camera also comes with the same CCD and DSP chipset from Sony as the wide angle lens one, and hence offers the same low light performance. However, their key strength is their ability to capture details at distances up to the six to eight meters in illuminated areas. This makes them great for monitoring the front and back doors. They are also priced at £49.95 before VAT.

High Detail Telephoto Lens Cameras

These 12mm telephoto lens cameras are great at capturing a very high amount of detail up to an even greater distance than general purpose cameras, but they also have a narrower field of view. This makes them even better at monitoring doors and entry points. They come with the same Sony technology and hence, offer the same low light performance as the other two alternatives. They are also priced at £49.95 before VAT.

Outdoor Cameras

No home surveillance system is complete without a few outdoor cameras thrown in for good measure. That’s where CCTV42’s small open-faced and traditional vandal dome cameras come into play. They both feature a general purpose 8mm lens with strong IR illumination, making them perfect for operating in total darkness. They come with a better Sony CCD and DSP chipset technology pack, which makes them even more effective at low light video capturing. The small, open-faced vandal dome cameras come with a 3.6mm wide angle lens or an 8mm general purpose lens, with both priced at £64.95 before VAT. The traditional vandal dome cameras come in a 4mm wide angle lens or an 8mm general purpose lens for £79.95 before VAT. Either wide-angle lens options will do in most cases.

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