(Last Updated On: February 17, 2015)

While the company is not exhibiting the dominating status of mobile chip makers such as Qualcomm and ARM, the company is still ahead in the desktop processor market share, which is expected to grow even further thanks to the company’s miniature sized NUC PCs. Legit Reviews discovered that the company is currently working on bringing in desktop enclosures that will be extremely portable thanks to their small size. The freedom that will be granted to the user will be that the will be able to upgrade the operating system, the storage and the amount of memory stored inside the enclosure.

Due to the extremely small form factor, Intel’s miniature enclosures will only be able to house a solid state drive that will be have a thickness of 1.4 inch while a mechanical hard drive being inserted in to the enclosure can have a maximum height of 1.9 inches. According to Legit Reviews, the leaked images were also leaning on an optional NFC chip and wireless charging capabilities that will be present on high end models.While NFC connectivity might not be refined enough to perform ‘advanced level’ tasks, it can at least be used to unlock the computer wirelessly through a smartphone.

Intel has not revealed its pricing plan which most probably means that additional details will be present at the Consumer Electronics Show, which will be held in 2015. The reason why Intel has started to tap in to this particular market is because the processor manufacturing company was able to sell over a million units in 2013 and expects to reach a sale tally of 50 million by the end of this year. Wireless charging will not doubt be a game changer for the future of electronics and Intel is looking to be the first to reach the finish line.

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