(Last Updated On: February 13, 2017)

Recently the CEO of Motorola named COO Rick Osterloh visited India, where he announced the future plans of Motorola for India. COO Rick Osterloh said that Motorola wants to become the third largest smartphone provider in India though as of now it stands at the 5th position behind Samsung, Micromax, Lava, and Karbonn.

COO Rick Osterloh then said that Motorola will do this till next year when the company will launch their new and affordable 4G smartphone. We don’t know what smartphone the company is going to launch but it surely is going to be a successor to the Motorola Moto E which has been well received in the market of India. The new affordable 4G smartphone is said to be equipped with a 4.5 inch display that will support a resolution of 540 x 960, a better SOC as its going to support 4G and will be running Android lollipop out of the box browse around these guys.

Motorola is now owned by Lenovo and with both the companies combined, they are now the third largest smartphone manufacturers in the world. Every smartphone company is targeting the India market as it’s got a high potential for affordable smartphones. Till now the goal of smartphone manufacturers was to provide the Indian market with affordable 3G smartphones but now companies are trying to go beyond that, Motorola being the first while other companies will also follow as the competition gets tough.

We have yet to see what Motorola and Lenovo will launch in this coming year as there has been no announcements yet, but Motorola still has a lot of smartphones that are well known in the market including Motorola Moto X, Moto G, Moto E and Nexus 6 which is also made by Motorola. This is all for now we will let you known as soon as we get something on the Motorola made 4G smartphone.

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