(Last Updated On: May 31, 2017)

The prodigious 4K resolution is about to get even better thanks to the efforts of LG Electronics. The company will be unveiling a brand new 4K ULTRA HD TV that will come with quantum dot technology. Quantum dot technology is the company’s answer to improve the overall image quality of the monitors and the company will be showcasing its offering as well as a brand new TV lineup at the 2015 International CES that will be held from January the 6th to the 9thin Las Vegas.

According to what the company has stated regarding quantum dot technology, it will provide a wider color palette along with improved color saturation compared to conventional LCD TVs. LG will be assimilating this tech on its other ULTRA HD TV and OLED TV products. Coming to the more technical side of things, quantum dot technology works by using nano crystals that come in the range between 2 to 10 nanometers.

The color of the dot will vary depending on the size. Regardless, LCD backlight, picture color reproduction rate and overall brightness will significantly improve. While IPS panels radiate exquisite display quality, the assimilation of quantum dots will augment the viewing experience for the user. Furthermore, LG will also be looking to contribute to the environment as these display panels will contain no amount of cadmium or any other toxic materials.

The company has not stated if the same quantum dot technology will be present in its upcoming flagship smartphone, the G4. While the G3 was extremely impressive in terms of performance, resolution, features and aesthetics, the company will be looking to raise the bar even further with the release of the G4. Will the G4 be incorporated with the same quantum dot tech? Our only guess is that we will find out at CES 2015.

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