(Last Updated On: October 13, 2015)

Those in the south and southeast districts of Austin, Texas can now sign up for Google Fiber.

Days in the wake of proclaiming valuing arrangements during the current month’s gigabit Internet rollout, the tech titan is presently tolerating information exchanges. “This is simply the starting,” Mark, wrote. “We’ll be opening new zones of the city for information exchanges on a progressing premise, and we plan to bring Fiber to each area in Austin that needs it.”

Fiber Administration

Once every qualified Austin “fiber hood” achieves its sign-up objective, Google will make the last move to connect nearby homes inside a couple of weeks. Visit the Fiber site to see whether your neighborhood qualifies, then watch the ongoing guide to staying aware of advancement. Likewise, look at which nearby group association libraries, schools, not-for-profits are getting free Google Fiber administration.

100 Times Speedier

On the off chance that you need an association up to 100 times speedier than fundamental broadband paces, you would do well to begin the area crusading now. Strama cautioned that people will have just a restricted window of time to sign up.

Take A Test

For the individuals who are still perplexed by gigabit Internet and Google’s marked Fiber benefit, the organization has opened the intuitive Fiber Space in downtown Austin. The group can visit to test the new administration, “and see firsthand why rate matters,” Strama said.

Fiber Space


Various nearby occasions are likewise occurring in Fiber Space as the month progressed. As Google uncovered a month ago, clients can shell out $70 for super-quick Web velocities, up to 1,000 Mbps transfer and download rates, and 1tb of Google distributed storage. Additionally, the $300 development expense will be waived with a one-year duty.

The Full Encounter

In case you’re searching for the full Fiber encounter, a Gigabit-in addition to TV administration will cost $130 every month. Endorsers get the same advantages recorded above, with the expansion of 150 or more channels and the capacity to record up to eight shows on the double.


Austin inhabitants can likewise get a free Internet administration with download accelerates to 5 Mbps and transfer paces of 1 Mbps, gave them pay the $300 development expense.

Accessible through At&t

Gigabit Internet is additionally accessible in Austin through At&t, which has something else “paused” its super high-velocity Internet rollout in the wake of vulnerability encompassing internet fairness. For all the more on that, see the feature beneath.