(Last Updated On: December 2, 2014)

There are still times where I utilize content informing rather than a talk application when I have to contact somebody, case in point on the off chance that they don’t utilize in forming applications. This can be the situation when they don’t have a cell phone so they can’t utilize Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger and different applications of that sort, or in the event that they favor not to utilize those applications.


QKSMS is a free application for Android gadgets that enhances the default content informing application that these gadgets ship with.

Colorful and Night Mode


The principal thing you will perceive after establishment is that it offers very much a couple of topic choices. You can pick a color from 19 accessible ones, furthermore empower night mode in the event that you incline toward that mode over the lighter default variation.


The beginning setup functions as a peculiarity presentation and additionally it highlights the applications’ brisk answer characteristic. This works by tapping on a message in the gadget’s warning region, which gives you a chance to answer consequently to that message sparing you eventually all the while.

Speedy Form

That is however by all account not the only new gimmick it includes. You can empower a speedy form choice too, which will add a perpetual alternative to do so to the warning territory.


The extent that the appearance is concerned, you discover extra choices to alter the application in the settings. There you can case in point change the text style, weight, size and family, conceal or handicap symbols, empower unadulterated dark foundations to spare vitality on Amoled shows, and add color to send or got messages.



The settings are very far reaching and you discover extra choices to adjust warnings, the brisk answer or form gimmick, or notices there.

Back Up

QKSMS backings gathering messaging and MMS much the same as the default informing application does on Android.

Long Tap

A long tap on a discussion opens a connection menu with choices to erase the discussion, to quit it or to stamp it read.

Shutting Words

There is not a ton that you can change regarding content informing, however the progressions that QKSMS presents all bode well, and clients who like Google’s Material configuration will probably find the application more engaging than the default informing. The fast answer and form choices can be very helpful now and again, and the little changes and customization alternatives that are given by the application can be truly valuable also. All things considered an incredible informing application for Android.

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