(Last Updated On: May 31, 2017)

4K monitors have started their course of offering an affordable package to those who desire to view content that is beyond the limitations of FHD or 1080p. Asus is another vendor that has joined the ranks of other manufacturers and has introduced its PB279Q that features the 4K resolution and that too, in an affordable price package.

The Asus PB279Q comprises of a 10-bit in-plane switching (IPS) panel. The 4K resolution will possess a maximum refresh rate of 60 Hz, if plugged in to the DisplayPort inputs in order to provide users with a fluid gaming and high definition content viewing sessions. Previously, the 4K resolution monitors featured a maximum refresh rate of 30 Hz (if plugged in to the HDMI or DVI cable) but after several revisions, the DisplayPort inputs have shifted away from these limitations. In addition, the Asus PB279Q also features a 300cd/m² brightness, a 100 000 000:1 dynamic contrast ratio as well as a quick 5ms.

In addition to the DisplayPort 1.2 and mini DisplayPort, the Asus PB279Q is also equipped with four HDMI 1.4/MHL (mobile high-definition link) ports. The MHL ports allow users to start viewing content stored on a mobile device on the PB279Q, while charging their device at the same time. In addition to a variety of display connections, the Asus PB279Q possesses the company’s own technologies in order to provide the best viewing experience possible. These technologies are:

  • Asus EyeCare
  • Asus SmartContrast
  • Asus VividPixel

In order to augment the display experience even further, the PB279Q has an ergonomic stand that supports various positions and can also be mounted on a wall thanks to its VESA mount certified capability. While the previous 4K monitors came with a tremendously high price tag, the PB279Q will start at $799 (or £510) and will be available from mid-December in Taiwan, Asia Pacific, and Europe.

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