(Last Updated On: February 17, 2015)

After some leaks coming from the company’s upcoming flagship device, the Xiaomi Mi 5, followed by the hardware specifications leak of the company’s cost-effective phablet sized Redmi Note 2, it is time that Xiaomi changed things up a bit and brought about a whole new category; one that will cater to the interests of people who view innovation in a product as the only sole reason to purchase one.

Currently, Samsung is the only phone maker out there who came out with a device sporting a curved display. Keep in mind that the device’s curved display was not incorporated just to make the device a little gimmicky because users can customize the curved edge of the smartphone in order to turn it in to powerhouse when it comes to improving productivity and managing notifications and controls.

Since Samsung has already patented its curved display technology, Xiaomi has taken two steps forward and implemented those steps in to real features in to the Xiaomi Arch, a device that possesses not one, but two curved edge displays. According to the extra details, users who start using the Arch can take advantage of the curved edges in order to manage and view several sources of information. This will include notifications, additional control options, streaming live information such as sport scores and many more.

If Xiaomi does end up releasing the Arch in 2015, its low-priced business strategy will allow it to accumulate tremendous amounts of success, even against the likes of Samsung, who has had itself a terrible financial year in 2014. So far, the Xiaomi Mi 5 and the Redmi Note 2 are confirmed to be released in 2015. As for the Arch, the company has not given word, but as we get to know more about it, we will always be here to provide you with the necessary details.


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