(Last Updated On: May 31, 2017)

In addition to using a smartphone’s camera to record videos and capture images, the Android operating system smartphones as well as iPhones will be upgraded with another add – on camera that can be purchased for a price of $199. However, this is not just any other camera, but it gives the user the capability to shoot thermal images and videos by inserting the camera in to Android device’s micro USB output or the iPhone’s Lightning connector output.

FLIR was the company that started out with the release of the world’s first consumer friendly thermal camera. The camera was mounted on to an iPhone case and was designed to be fitted on to iPhones possessing the 4 inch screen size. It was named the terminator vision camera and came with a price tag of $300. Unfortunately, rumors were hovering about that Apple was going to introduce an iPhone that would carry a larger screen size, so the camera and its case would present a size compatibility issue with the current iOS flagship device and as a result, was discontinued from production.

Now, a new startup company by the name of Seek Thermal has designed a camera that will not present any compatibility issues because it can easily be mounted on to any Android device or iPhone. The company is calling the product Seek Thermal cam and in order for it to start functioning, users will be required to carry around at the bare minimum, an iPhone 5 or an Android device that is running the 4.4.2 KitKat OS. The Seek Thermal cam will require its own app to function and will not able to replace the stock app pre-installed in the user’s smartphones.

The camera is available to purchase and potential users who want to upgrade their existing smartphone cameras to thermal image and video capturing capabilities can visit Thermal.com for additional details.

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