(Last Updated On: November 26, 2014)

Premium Screen

It has the quad HD Super Amoled Display which increases the beauty of each content, either movies or photos you are viewing through Samsung Galaxy Note 4 smartphones.  Appreciate clear as can be pictures past the cutoff points of the human eye. The exact color immersion and the high differentiation of 5.7”quad HD Super AMOLED showcase will drive you to feel the familiar and clear shade as though you are looking with the bare eye. The display of the phone is positively enhanced for web-searching and e-booking. High Resolution gloats huge survey experience.

Splendid and Clear pictures

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has been equipped with a high quality advanced camera. No stress oblivious, still catch the best minutes. Shoot brighter and clearer pictures utilizing Rear and Front cam. 3.7 MP front cam, and a 16mp Smart OIS back cam gives you the best comes about to each snippet of your life even in dim surroundings.  You can capture your important moments in very high quality.


Smart Select

Uninhibitedly select the content & content on any screen with the S pen. With S pen, you can undoubtedly select the substance you need from any content or application. You can set up together what you choose and offer & save without a moment’s delay.

Photograph Note

It is the latest another approach to take notes anywhere. Make your own specific notes. Take the pictures with Photo Note and immediately change over simple to advanced. You can alter notes, change colors, and put in extra updates with S Pen effectively.

Progressed S Pen

The S Pen that comes with Samsung Galaxy Note 4 enhances the touch & gives the feel like a pen. S Pen offers an enhanced computerized penmanship experience through upgraded weight affectability. Enhance you composing through more exact interpretation.

Free Flowing and Natural Multitasking

Now the multitasking is more natural with more comfort. This phone has the Multi-window option which can be used to Gain adaptability by overseeing different applications without a moment’s delay on a solitary screen utilizing basic signal.

Quick Charging, High Timing

Abbreviated revive and stretched utilization. On account of charging rate change, holding up times of Galaxy Note 4 have diminished altogether. You can charge your phone from zero to half in just 30 minutes. You should simply connect to and get dressed in the wake of cleaning up. In case you’re using up your time, use Ultra Power Saving mode.

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