(Last Updated On: November 26, 2014)

Microsoft is to publish no less than one, and perhaps two new windows phone this week, a successor to the most well-known Windows Phone ever constructed, the Lumia 520, and if bits of gossip are right, a successor to the 1320.The Windows Phone fueled HTC One M8, and who knows, possibly there’s an alternate a minute ago amaze in the works.


While its uplifting news that there are in any event some new telephones prepared for occasion buy, none of these telephones truly meet the criteria for a genuine “lead” Windows Phone, at any rate as we would see it. Attempt as we may, a 6″ telephone is simply excessively dang huge, and in spite of the fact that the HTC One M8 is interesting, the cam needs contrasted with the best Nokia Lumia cams. So what makes the “ideal” Windows Phone?

Lumia 925

We would begin with a decent compact yet expansive enough to peruse structure element. Our Lumia 925 could be a tad greater, perhaps in the 4.7 to 5″ territory rather than 4.5. Our ideal telephone needs to fit in a pants pocket, behold-capable/click-capable/sort capable with one hand, and not make you resemble a dork when holding it up to your head for making a telephone call or listening to Cortana in a noisy space. Obviously it ought to have the most recent specs, quad-core, an incredible charm, and a lot of capacity. In a perfect world, it ought to have a scaled down SD space, yet with 32 gb+.

Lumia 920

We adored our Lumia 920 until the blaze and the amplifier quit working, however it was overwhelming as heck. Our new immaculate telephone needs to be light and breezy, and simple to hold.

Windows 10

Regardless, our next Windows Phone will be running “Windows Phone 10″ and all the integrity to originate from a Spartan program, Cortana v. Next, and a scope of the most recent Windows 10 applications, so that is a given, yet we’d want to see some true advancement made in Windows Phone applications also. Latest applications and the “following enormous thing” ought to originate from Windows Phone.

Your Choice

So what’s happening with you? Will you be purchasing another Windows Phone this Christmas season, or will you hold up to see what the New Year (and MWC, and afterward the Windows

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