(Last Updated On: November 18, 2014)

In the event that the ring, beep or buzz of your cell triggers an extreme urge to react, and you end up arriving at for the telephone – actually when you’re driving – you’re not alone.

Review by AT&T

Another review charged by At&t and Dr. David Greenfield, organizer of The Center for Internet and Technology Addiction and aide clinical educator of psychiatry at The University of Connecticut School of Medicine, discovered twice the same number of individuals as reported toward oneself wireless habit are indicating impulsive telephone practices, with three-in-four individuals admitting to at any rate looking at their telephones while in the driver’s seat.

Messaging & Driving, It Can Wait


The study, fielded as a component of the “Messaging & Driving, It Can Wait” battle, was discharged as At&t concentrates on helping individuals discover approaches to fight the temptation to content and drive at a possibly savage snippet of allurement.

Drive Mode Application

The AT&T Drive mode application for iPhone is presently accessible on the App Store, making it the first free no messaging while driving application offered by a major U.S. remote transporter that deals with the iPhone. The application hushes approaching instant message caution, turns on consequently when one drives 15 MPH or more, and turns off not long after one stops. At the point when enacted, it naturally reacts to approaching SMS and MMS, instant messages so the sender knows the content beneficiary is driving. It likewise permits folks with adolescent drivers to get an instant message if the application is turned off.

It Can Wait

The “It Can Wait” battle is working with VIPs to help drive selection of other social shorthand, “#x”. One can utilize it as a part of online networking, content or email to motion to the next individual a stop in the discussion, and the driver will return to the next individual after arriving securely at the terminus.


More than 90 percent say they know messaging and driving is hazardous, numerous excuse their messaging and driving conduct. About three-in-ten said they could undoubtedly do a few things on the double, even while driving.


The exploration recommends the individuals who are well on the way to content and drive are likewise the destined to make moves to stop. Furthermore, 82 percent of individuals who make a move to quit messaging and driving like themselves.

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