(Last Updated On: November 9, 2014)

For those who are tired of the low quality front facing camera their phones that gives poor quality selfies. The Oppo N3 is just the new thing in town. This big screened handset comes with a swivel camera of 16 MP that can be turned around to click pictures from any angle and any direction. So if you want a selfie, just turn the lens around and click. The 16 MP camera with LED flash ensures that whatever you click turns out gorgeous. With that kind of a camera you can take stunning shots no matter where you are. Also it comes with a remote control that can be used to control the shutters. So if you can fix the camera on a tripod for better pictures the remote control can be used to take panoramic shots.

More features to amaze you

The Oppo has allowed SDK or Software Development kit for the camera so that the developers can add new features to it. The full HD 5.5 inches screen allows an amazing display out. It’s sharp and clear and has a very good viewing angle. Thus whether it be clicking pictures or watching or capturing a video or merely writing a text, it makes everything so clear and well defines. Needless to say that the AMOLED screen offers a much better display out put that makes the images on it come out even better. More over the Gorilla Glass protective covering adds an extra layer of sophistication.

Get surprised by an overall experience with this phone oppo-n3

The build of the phone is also uncompromised. The 5.5 inches big screen along with a thickness of 9.9 mm the handset is big and sturdy and comes within the genre of the phablets. Moreover the handset also comes in a matte finish covering. The back of the device has a button that acts as the finger sensor and it accepts upto 5 different finger prints that can be customized to open different apps.

The battery back up too is extremely good. The 3000 mAh capacitated battery keeps the handset going for really long. All the apps and the functions on it run smooth and undisturbed and this it owes to the 2 GB RAM and the 2.5GHz processor, which efficiently supports the entire system. The big and elegant looking handset looks elegant and also has a LED notification flash at the bottom that has been made hollow so that whenever it blinks it can be seen.

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