(Last Updated On: October 15, 2015)

For the longest time, Samsung has relied on Google’s Android platform for its entire lineup of smartphones. Knowing that using Google’s Android OS would mean that Samsung will get tied down eventually, the South Korean phone giant is looking to assimilate its own smartphone operating system in to a device that we now know is being called the Z1. There are several reasons why the company keeps on delaying the device and its Tizen operating system, and majority of that percentage is stuck to the company’s terrible financial season.

With Apple and other smartphone rivals such as Xiaomi raking up revenues, Samsung has been left biting these tech firms’ dust. In addition, Samsung has previously attempted to launch its Tizen platform on two occasions, but failed miserably. Now, the company is looking to assimilate its operating system on a low cost device, most likely so that it will easily be able to handle the costs incurred if the device does not get sold according to the company’s projected expectations.

Now, when we say a low cost device, that is equivalent to a low performing device. The Z1 will possess a 4 inch display that will have a low resolution of 800 by 480 pixels. Coming to what will actually drive the phone’s speed, there is a 1.2 GHz dual core processor combined with a negligible amount of 512 MB RAM. In addition, there is only a 3.2 MP camera present at the rear side of the phone. Selfie lovers will be fresh out of luck with this device, although they can improvise by learning how to capture images through the rear camera. However, without the screen assisting them, it will take them quite a bit of practice.

Samsung has not hinted towards a launch date or pricing details, so we will have to wait an additional period of time before we can actually get to witness a smartphone running Samsung’s homegrown OS.