(Last Updated On: February 17, 2015)

After rolling out an update for the company’s messenger app, BBM, BlackBerry is now going to partner itself with Boeing and expedite the release of a self-destructing smartphone, which is being called the Boeing Black phone. The Boeing Black phone has long been in development but for a period of 24 months, only a minute amount of information was actually available to the public. Thanks to BlackBerry partnering with the aerospace company, the Boeing Black phone will be given a boost in security and encryption through its BES 12 platform.

According to John Chen, who is the current CEO of BlackBerry, the smartphone marker will provide Boeing with a secure mobile solution for the Android platform through the company’s BlackBerry Enterprise Service. The service will serve to provide users with additional security to encrypt their smartphones, regardless if the device is running on the Android or BlackBerry platform. Unfortunately, that is all that the CEO had to offer on the Black phone’s development so the information as to when the smartphone might actually be released still remains elusive.

However, what we know is that Boeing’s offering has gone the whole nine yards when it comes to safeguarding the contents present inside the device. This will include data and communications security, which includes encrypted calls. In addition to that,the Black phone possess the ability to house dual connections as well as the capability to connect to satellites and biometric sensors through the back panel. However, what the company had done when it comes to adding a security contingency is that all data present on the phone will be purged if the tamper-proof casing is taken apart.

Let us hope that we get a glimpse of the device real soon in the coming future.

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