(Last Updated On: May 31, 2017)

On Tuesday, the 30th of September 2014, Microsoft unveiled to the world what will be the successor to the Windows 8 Operating System – the Windows 10 Operating System. Microsoft executives and personnel, on a number of occasions, stated that the company has designed the Windows 10 OS to address and cure all of the grievances which users of the Windows 8 OS had. The Windows 10 OS is a huge leap forward to Microsoft, and this leap will come to not only desktops and laptops but also to Smartphones, Tablets and even embedded devices.Windows 10

The event Microsoft had on Tuesday did unveil the latest iteration of the Windows Operating System but also left fans and haters alike with an extremely large number of questions regarding Windows 10. One of the most commonly asked questions regarding the new Windows Operating System is “Why Windows 10?” People all over the world are still wondering why Microsoft has decided to skip Windows 9 and go straight to Windows 10. After all, the number 9 does follow the number 8, unless Microsoft is planning on changing the way numbers work.

The logic behind Microsoft naming their new Operating System Windows 10 is pretty simple. Microsoft has stated that with its newest addition to the Windows family, Microsoft has not designed and created an incremental product. Instead, Microsoft has taken a giant leap forward and completely redesigned the Windows Operating System while keeping some of the components of previous iterations of the Operating System intact and also keeping in mind the mistakes it made with the previous versions of the Operating System. According to Microsoft, it would only be befitting of the work that the company had done on the latest version of the OS to skip at least one number ahead and name it “Windows 10”.windows10-start-menu-monitor

Microsoft stated that they were also considering the name “Windows One” for their new Operating System. The name “Windows One” would definitely make sense because of not only Microsoft’s “One Microsoft” business strategy but also because of its numerous products (such as OneDrive and OneNote) that have the word “One” in their names. However, the name “Windows One” was scratched because a young Bill gates had already snagged that one, thus leading to the technology giant naming its new Operating System “Windows 10”.

Microsoft naming the latest version of its Windows Operating System “Windows 10” might just be an attempt to stay neck and neck with Apple’s OS X in numerical terms, or it might actually be because the company truly believes that it has done a remarkable job in creating it. Only time will tell, especially since Microsoft states that when users witness the product in its fullness, they will agree that naming it “Windows 10” was the right call. Learn more about Windows 10 Features here

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