(Last Updated On: May 21, 2017)

Rather than tie yourself to stocks and commodities on financial markets micro level, indices present the opportunity to invest, trade and profit on macro financial developments.

Indices aggregate conflicting and complementary market trends in the form FTSE, S&P 500, Dow Jones and many more. Utilize these macro movements for risk hedging and diversifying your portfolio.


Diverse Portfolio

Each index capsulate the value of dozens of stocks, both from emerging and developing countries, opening innovative financial horizons for exploring and exploiting market trends.

Cutting Edge Technology

The streamlined and cross-assets trading platform provides cutting edge tools for trading on major indices from around the world while keeping all your trades in just one platform.

Timely Actualization

Financial markets are in a constant state of change and opportunities could be fleeting, unless a reliable trading platform is ready to execute your orders in a swift and timely manner.

Group & Hedge

The grouping of many stocks in each index allows following the influence of each stock on an index while hedging your risks on a macro level.
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