(Last Updated On: April 26, 2017)

The issue in todays young generation of graduate students trying to start a career in search engine optimisation is a challenging task for anyone without SEO experience in a working environment such as an seo agency or in-house.

Junior SEO jobs are extremely rare and when they do pop up on jobs sites like Reed, they usually have hundreds if not thousands of applicants. Now there isn’t an official SEO qualification you can get via a university course so it will definitely be something you will have to learn on your own.

Todays search engines are very different from the past, Whilst in the past a quick google search on SEO and a lot of back links (Paid) could get you high ranks within Google’s SERPs. This meant it was never compulsory for a small to medium size company to hire an SEO expert but here comes 2014 with new Google algorithms (hummingbird) which have been slowly getting more and more complex since 2012. It isn’t as easy to get first page search results if you don’t know what you are doing and paid links will definitely lower your rank if not penalise your site.

2014-2015+ will definitely seSEO employment in londone more companies employing search engine optimisation experts to help their organic traffic but here is where it gets interesting, because of the vicious circle of junior SEO’s can’t get jobs and demand for SEO experts will increase over the coming months/years i can’t help but see a huge issue which will arise soon. Now i don’t blame small companies for employing experienced SEO’s but larger companies need to start employing juniors with questionnaires and very technical job interviews. Although they may fail, the purpose of the tests are to identify the candidates thinking process. Not what he/she currently knows.

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