The successor to Corning’s Gorilla Glass 3 is the Gorilla Glass 4, which is designed to reinforce mobile devices with protection that far exceeds the capabilities of the Gorilla Glass 3. While several mobile devices (both smartphones and tablets) are able to display extreme amount of resilience when they are dropped from considerable heights, not all devices are considered that lucky. Depending on where the impacted area, your device will unscathed or end up with a shattered screen. Furthermore,replacing the screen of the mobile device does not cost peanuts.

Corning plans on eliminating the emotional and most definitely financial encumbrance by reinforcing mobile devices with its next generation shatterproof Gorilla Glass 4. The upcoming screen will comprise up of a newly formulated cover material that is designed to protect the screen against abrasion with rough surfaces as well as collisions from those surfaces. An ideal example of such a surface is a pedestrian footpath, where smartphone owners have a tendency to drop their devices and shatter the screens of their highly expensive mobile phones.

While there material used to construct the Gorilla Glass 4 is highly resilient, it is far from perfect. According to the company, conventional soda-lime glass will always end up shattering if it collides with a sharp and hard surface. The Gorilla Glass 4 is designed to remain intact 80 percent of the time as long as the drop of the mobile device remains at a distance of1 meter or less from the ground (1 meter is equal to 3.3 feet).The company is not naming which one of the tech companies will be receiving the first batch of Gorilla Glass 4, but as more smartphones end up flooding the market, these details will be revealed.

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