(Last Updated On: December 2, 2014)

Watch out, Google. So much discussion about secluded cell phones starting late appears to have pulled in light of a legitimate concern for other cell phone masters. What’s more, as per the most recent reports, it gives the idea that Google’s famous Project Ara may have an adversary to battle eventually.


A brand-new organization called Vsenn has all the earmarks of being needed to undertake Google at its measured cell phone amusement, and said the organization is really snappy to portray the way that it’s been helped to establish by a yet-anonymous “Nokia Android X Program Manager.”


The organization’s objective? As indicated by its genuinely basic site, Vsenn is looking to “give everybody the ability to make their ideal cell phone by utilizing measured and upgradable fittings.”


Sounds natural?

Given to what extent its taken Google to evaluate the ins and outs of its own measured cell phone, Project Ara, it stays to be seen simply what sort of course of events Vsenn is deducted for its secluded configuration. Furthermore, obviously, whether Vsenn would have the capacity to get the gold before Google (or even adversary it a bit) given Project Ara’s normal time span of ahead of schedule 2015 for a working, available gadget.

Vanilla Android


The company will use “Vanilla Android” on its particular cell phone, and its putting forth an ensured four-year overhaul window for the gadget. That would appear to be a ton of us, given the length of commonplace cell phone overhaul cycles.


Its measured equipment “permits you to overhaul your cell phone when you need. We are utilizing just the best and speediest fittings in our modules. There are three modules that you can redesign and supplant: Camera, Battery and Processor/RAM.”

Secured Phone

Vsenn likewise notes that its cell phone will be secured with “triple layer encryption” and will accompany free get to a VPN administration and a “safe Cloud” administration. The cell phone will likewise be profoundly adaptable:  “With back covers that can be changed effortlessly and quickly. You may browse a mixed bag of offers that look and feel simply great. Solid and beautiful to suit your way of life. Your creative energy is the main furthest reaches that applies here,” peruses Vsenn’s depiction.

Twitter Record

Vsenn has additionally taken to its official Twitter record to detail out some extremely preparatory specs for its to-be-a dispatched cell phone. As indicated by the organization, one of its first secluded cell phones will come in at a screen size of 4.7 inches—an aggregate measurement of 4.88 by 2.48 by 0.35 inches. Probably, Vsenn will be utilizing Twitter to release more data as it gets to be accessible.