(Last Updated On: November 29, 2014)

Microsoft’s future might be shining brighter than the sun when its upcoming operating system Windows 10 is concerned, but the company is doing terribly with its Xbox One console. Due to the terrible sales performance of the gaming console in Japan, the head of Xbox from that region has decided to throw in his resignation. Takashi Sensui might have relinquished his position as the head of Xbox Japan, but that certainly does not mean that the former executive will be severing ties with Microsoft.

Sensui will be moving to the United States in order to work at the company’s headquarters. The Xbox One sales performance in the region has been terrible; failing to surpass the console sale count of the PS4 as well as the count of the Xbox 360. Specifically, the Xbox One has now recorded 38,461 units in Japan since its arrival in September. The majority of those units, 23,562 units were sold over its first four days. When compared to the Xbox 360, the previous generation console was able to sell double that amount when it had launched in 2005.

While Microsoft has remained publicly quiet on the Xbox One’s egregious sales performance in Japan, one comment from Sensui that had exhumed in October is sufficient evidence to state that the software giant was nowhere near impressed with the results. According to Famitsu, the Xbox Japan’s head position was quickly taken by Yoshinami Takahasi, who had joined the company in July. Takahasi has spent more than 25 years in Sony, so keeping him the head of Xbox Japan may bring Microsoft some good fortune in the future.

However, as history goes, the Xbox has always struggled to capitalize on the Japan market so it is very unlikely that appointing a former head of Sony will do Microsoft any favors.

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