(Last Updated On: May 31, 2017)

Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus, the company’s flagship phone might be incorporated with a plethora of features, including running the company’s latest operating system out of the box; but even that was not able to save consumers from the #bendgate plague that had afflicted majority of the consumers’ devices. This was due to the device being kept in the owner’s pocket for an elongated period of time, resulting in pressure exerted on to the device from the small volume of pocket space, which ends up deforming the handset.

When Apple unveiled its flagship tablet, the iPad Air 2, majority of the tech populace would have believed that the company learned its lesson and would assimilate some robust features on to its newly released slate that would keep it from being bent. Sadly that was not the case, as even the larger screen product will succumb to deformation after sufficient pressure has been applied to the device from its opposing ends.

The iPad Air 2 possesses a thickness of 0.24 inches (or 6.1 mm), which overtakes Apple’s previous iPad Air as being the thinnest iPad ever. As evidenced in the latest torture test video, Apple’s latest tablet undergoes a vigorous bend test phase, and surprisingly, comes out unscathed. The next video released shows that the tablet was not able to withstand the force applied from each end and resulted in the bending of the product.

What is interesting to notice is that the actual force being exerted on to the tablet is far more than the force that would be exerted under normal circumstances. Regardless, tech companies make sure that their products go through a ‘sweat breaking’ quality control process, but on this occasion, it cannot be concluded if Apple managed to skip its quality control tests or if it did make sure that its products went through the taxing test phase, but somehow missed something from the device altogether.

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