(Last Updated On: May 31, 2017)

The new smartphone, set to be presented on Tuesday, drops the Nokia logo and imprints another section for the Lumia group of cell phones. The principal Microsoft Lumia smartphone is approaching, with its awesome set for Tuesday.

The organization posted late Thursday a teaser of a smartphone with #MoreLumia hashtag, flaunting an orange edge around what is probably the front of the cam.

First Lumia Smartphone without Nokia Logo:

The new Lumia smartphone will stamp the first run through the product dropping the Nokia moniker for Microsoft’s name, signifying another part for the cell phones, which have battled in the commercial center. The smartphones, which have featured splendid colors and a notoriety for compelling cams, scarcely make a scratch the extent that deals go, with the exception of in a couple of developing markets. Be that as it may Lumia smartphones may have another rent on life under Microsoft – at any rate that is the organization’s trust.


It’s not sure how Microsoft will name its first Lumia handset, and the organization could select to discard the numbering series that Nokia has utilized as a part of the past. Microsoft’s first Lumia will incorporate a 5-inch display with 1GB RAM, a 5-megapixel cam, and a 1.2GHz Snapdragon processor. Shockingly, Microsoft is including a forward-confronting camera to this specific model, something Nokia decided to cut from the late low-end Lumia handsets.

Current Share of Windows Phone:

The Windows Phone OS in a manner needs a spark. The OS has yet to get on and controls only 2.5 percent of the world’s cell phones, as per economic specialist IDC. In correlation, Google’s Android OS runs on about 85 percent of cell phones around the world.

Reasons for Change:Microsoft Lumia

The logo switch is part of Microsoft’s exertion to all the more completely take control over its new smartphone business. The Lumia line assumes an imperative part as a representative of sorts for the organization’s Windows Phone stage. Indeed before Microsoft gained Nokia’s cell phones unit for $7.2 billion in April, the Lumia smartphone line was regularly used to tout the most recent adaptation of Windows Phone.

Recent Steps by Microsoft:

Microsoft has progressively endeavored to push its stages through its deliberations in fittings. On the Windows side, Microsoft has its Surface tablets, which notwithstanding a harsh begin are starting to see energy. The organization reported income of $908 million on Surface deals in its monetary first quarter that finished September 30, up 127 percent from a year prior.


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