(Last Updated On: November 29, 2014)

SpaceX and WorldWu has been working and developing the compact and cheaper satellites which will be going to faraway better than other expensive satellites. Their invention will create the revolution in the space technology field.  The entrepreneur Elon Musk is all behind these satellites.

Elon Musk

Elon Musk is unusual. Elon Musk is inventive. Elon Musk is a danger taker. These are all positive attributes of a guaranteeing business visionary, yet he has been effective from various perspectives as of now. Still, his thoughts for future innovations dependably appear a bit wacky if not just strange.


The Spacex and Tesla Motors originator, however, is once again at it once more; and this time he is tackling the entire web. Elon Musk is collaborating with previous Google official Greg Wyler to create an armada of smaller than usual satellites—approximately 700 of them—that will grow the most accessible on the internet; so it really gets to be open to the whole world.

Specification of Satellites

Each one satellite will weigh short of what 250 pounds, which is light for a satellite and their little size each about a large portion of the extent of the littlest business satellites in a matter of seconds being used will permit them to set up no less than 10 times the same number of satellites as Iridium Communications, the world heading satellite organization.

Cheaper satellites

Additionally, they trust that the new satellite models will be more reasonable: short of what one million dollars a piece.

Excited Google

Elon Musk decided to band together with Wyler on the grounds that when he exited Google, he established Worldvu Satellites, which is one of the significant radio satellite controllers of the planet. Utilizing this system base, the couple means to shaft web access to more remote places on the planet.


It is a trial likewise gone for contending with Facebook and Google who have a comparable objective, yet their thought is to utilize unmanned automatons to transfer the signs to those spots on the planet that are harder to reach.


This association bodes well, however that doesn’t mean it is going to be a simple ride to the highest point of this sprouting.


Once the satellites have been developed ever company will be behind these companies to get the cheaper light weight satellite.

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