(Last Updated On: February 13, 2017)

Google has started their construction of their new service “Google Fiber” offering 1GBps (1000mbps) super fast fibre optic broadband which makes today’s internet providers look like dial-up.

As we all know when Google does something they do it properly! the fastest home internet you can get today is around 100/120mbps from virgin media fiber optic broadband

Google Fiber Optic Broadband

Google is able to provide this service as they have been buying so-called dark fiber from telecoms firms in the US in order to link up its data centers which are dotted around the US.

The service will be provided using overhead cables, They have also been investing in cheap fiber cables that have been laid by companies who have gone bankrupt. Google Fiber offers Fiber to the Home (FTTC) which is delivered via overhead cables on the same poles that deliver electricity to your home.

Google Fiber has also out priced all its competitors with their gigabit speed internet at only $70 (£44) a month with no installation and just to top it all of that includes 1TB of storage on Google’s Drive.

Now this is the bit that virgin media and Sky TV should worry about. Google is also offering TV service at a additional cost but very competitively priced and free broadband of 5mps just for the sake of it.

Its only early stages of the service starting first in Kansas city USA which i believe is a smart move from Google as Kansas city is based in the middle of America so after that’s complete they will spread it all directions to eventually cover the whole US and then hopefully start providing the rest of the world with their fantastic service!

Virgin-Media UK’s fastest broadband providers will need to consider upping their speeds very soon if they want to stay in business for the next decade.

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