(Last Updated On: November 5, 2014)

Even though Apple’s iPad Air 2 received majority of the spotlight, the company made sure that each of its products were made special for different groups of consumers. That is where the iPad Mini 3 fits. It might not possess the same screen size (7.9 inches in comparison to iPad Air 2’s 9.7 inches) or the same chipset (the iPad Mini 3 is fitted with an A7 chipset compared to the iPad Air 2 fitted with an A8X), the slate can still holds its own against the fierce competition.

The 7.9 inch slate carries a resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels with a 5 MP camera present at the rear side of the tablet’s chassis. The only improvement that the company has managed to fit in to the device was adding its patented Touch ID fingerprint scanner. As for the internal storage, the company has added the 64 GB and the 128 GB storage options for the iPad Mini 3.

As for the pricing, the iPad Mini 3 will have a starting price of $399 for the Wi-Fi only version (16 GB of storage), compared to the $499 for the iPad Air 2 (16 GB of storage). Users wanting to receive additional amounts of storage can purchase the 64 GB version for $499 or the 128 GB version for $599. Similar to the iPad Air 2, the iPad Mini 3 also features cellular enabled models. The only drawback that users are going to face is that in order to receive cellular connectivity to their devices, they are going to have shell out $130 extra for each storage model. Details of each model have been given below.

Storage (GB) Wi-Fi only version (Price) Wi-Fi + LTE version (Price)
16 $399 $529
64 $499 $629
128 $599 $729



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