(Last Updated On: February 5, 2017)

Let discover how to get most out of the Netflix. We know there are a vast amount of content available on Netflix but that is only accessible to the people who have their secret codes. Fortunately, there is another secret, or you can call it a better way to brows deep into the Netflix, of accessing numerous movies and TV shows hidden deep on Netflix.

Netflix is actually giving the access to movies region wise like if you are in the USA you will be browsing certain collections but if you are in Canada the movies list would be quite different so what we have to do here is to rub our internet IP through these countries so you have a different selection from Netflix.

Note. This does break the Netflix terms and agreements so they can shut down your account if they find out that you are doing it.

If you still want to proceed to the hidden movies on Netflix, at your own risk, follow the below given steps.

Method 1

  • Download Google chrome, if you don’t have, and open the Google web store with the following
  • Google.com/webstore
  • Once the Google web store opens up, navigate to the search tab and write “Hola” and press Enter. You will see a list of apps click on Hola better internet with a burning smiley emoji with it.
  • Click on install into the Google chrome extension.
  • A small new icon will be added at the right top corner of the browser. Click on it and select a country of your choice.
  • Once you have selected different country than you are living in, open your Netflix ID, here you are, you wull see a different collection of movies on your browser. Enjoy


Method 2

This method is more easy and interesting. Now we know that Netflix has categorized their list of usual action, Drama, and Sci-Fi with different codes. This simple trick will allow you to reveal a number of hidden Netflix collections.

  • Log into your Netflix account and enter the following URL: http://www.netflix.com/browse/genre/
  • Netflix has assigned different codes to different categories, now just type the category code in front of /genre/”Code” and hit Enter, like

http://www.netflix.com/browse/genre/67673 and press Enter button. All hidden collection of Disney Movies will appear on your screen and you can access any of your choices.

  • There is a website Orges-crypt.com which has made a list of thousands of categories available on Netflix
  • This method is only applicable on Safari, Firefox, chrome etc browsers. You can actually access the categories with Apple TV, app or other smart TV solutions

List of some of the important categories is given below.

S.no.Category NameCode
1 Action & Adventure Movies1365
2 Animation Movies7424
3 Children and Family Movies783
4 Classic Movies31574
5 Comedies6548
6 Cult Movies6727
7 Documentaries6839
8 Dramas5763
9 Faith and Spirituality26835
10 Foreign Movies7462
11 Gay and Lesbian Movies5977
12 Horror Movies8711
13 Independent Movies7077
16Romantic Movies8883
17Sci-Fi & Fantasy1492
18Sports Movies4370
20TV Shows83