(Last Updated On: May 25, 2017)

Processors have evolved over the past decade from single core CPU chips to 6/8 cores on 1 chip. So should we upgrade? We have done extensive research on processors and home users, and in all honesty, whether you’re playing Crysis 3 or surfing the internet you won’t need anything more than a base Intel i7 option. Theirs is no point in spending more and more money getting a 3.7 GHz i7 quad core or a 3.6ghz six core i7. The simple fact is you will never use its capability! Believe it or not on the majority of computers what holds them back ain’t the processor is, in fact, the hard drive. You could run a processor costing thousands with the latest speed and six core configurations and then run a basic 5400rpm economy hard drive.

Your computer won’t boot up any faster than a basic i3 processor the reason behind this is processors have evolved way beyond your average hard drives capability so a smarter option is to invest in a decent SSD and you will be surprised how your PC will transform in speed on every application you intend to use.

My advice if you haven’t already got a base model Intel i7 which have an amazing overclocking capability which I will come back to that on another article, then combine that with the latest Solid State Drives with approximately 500mb read/write speeds

Now have you ever logged your processor usage? The majority of users will never exceed 10% CPU load again each user varies but this article is for your average home user.  SSD owners will see a much higher CPU load.

Top-end processors are a waste of money for the majority of us. Even hardcore gamers won’t need a top of the line CPU as the majority of the hardware stress would be on the graphics card.




  • Think twice before purchasing a top of the line processor for a normal home or gaming PC (gaming will only help on loading screen. not real gameplay)
  • If you work with video editing and high definition videos you will see faster encoding times with a powerful processor combined with an SSD