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George Prodromou

What is minified code?

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You probably heard that you should always minify your files. Tools such as PageSpeed Insights will often flag CSS & JS files for not being minified, but what exactly does it mean?

Minify is the process of removing all unnecessary bytes within a file, such as spaces.

For example, code that has not been minified will look like this.

Unminified Example:

 /* awesome-container is only used on the landing page */
 .awesome-container { font-size: 120% }
 .awesome-container { width: 50% }

Minified Example:

<html><head><style>.awesome-container{font-size:120%;width: 50%} </style></head>

Minifying multiple files with thousands of lines of code, can help reduce the overall page size, resulting in faster page loads.

Original Source: G7Cloud

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