Google Chrome is a freeware web browser from Google Corporation. It was become available for users of Windows Operating Systems in 2008 for the first time. Google chrome is one of the most powerfull tools by the Google Corporation. It is enough rapid in working, easily accessible and a best user-friendly browser of all the times. Following are its wonderful facts, you never thought about.

Google Chrome browser can work as a Calculator

Surprised to hear that? Yes, Google Chrome has the calculation ability about which its users don’t be aware of. You are in hurry, doing the accounts work online, you need some figures to be calculated urgently, but you don’t exactly know where the calculator is. You will not have this problem again regarding the calculation. You want prove?

Okay, if you are on Google chrome browser, make approach to its “Search Bar”, clear it and write something for calculation, like “3+5”, it will give the answer in the suggestions like “=8”. Check out now this amazing feature. Similarly you can make subtraction operations, multiplication operations, division operations etc.

Google Chrome can reopen the closed tabs

Didn’t get this? Suppose you are working on your immensely important task on a page/blog/website which you found after a long struggle and suddenly by mistake that tab/page is get closed by you, you have forgotten its URL then you don’t need to be worried about this, you can quickly reopen your closed tab with just a shortcut. I.e. “Ctrl+Shift+T”. By pressing these three keys together from your keyboard, you will be redirected to your closed page, again.

Google Chrome can work as a unit converter

Yes, you precisely listened. Just like Calculator, Google Chrome can be a unit converter for its users on their demand. Suppose you have a weight of 4.88 kilograms meat and you need to make some estimation that how many grams are there in 4.88 kilograms. You simply go on the search bar of Google chrome, make it clear and type “4.88 kg=grams”, you will get the accurate answer below in the suggestions, that will be “=4880 grams”. Similarly, you can convert distance units like kilometres in mile by doing the same procedure.

Google Chrome can work as a Notepad

Isn’t it amazing? Yes Google Chrome can fulfill this requirement of the user, which he/she accesses usually to accomplish their need to write some highlighted points or make some quick notes on a blank page like notepad. You will now get curious to know that how will you make an approach to this feature. Yes this is real. All you need is to go on the search bar of Google Chrome, make it clear, type accurately the following syntax within quotation marks, “data:text/html, <html contenteditable>” and press enter. You will then have a blank white page on which you can write anything to meet your need of writing and will get rid of other notepads.


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