(Last Updated On: July 3, 2018)

Many of us use our computers for things like online shopping and banking, as well as for a multitude of other activities that involve the storage and transmission of sensitive data. In fact, most computers hold a raft of confidential information ranging from login and payment details to private photos and other files. What most people don’t realize is that simply deleting such files from the Recycle Bin or formatting the drive doesn’t permanently remove them from the disk. In fact, all the original data will remain hidden on the drive until another operation overwrites it. With some storage devices, the original data needs to be overwritten multiple times to ensure that it will never be recoverable. Otherwise, with the right software at their disposal, someone might be able to recover deleted data from your drive, which could spell disaster if you’re planning to sell or donate your computer.

How Does Hard Drive Sanitation Work with Active@ KillDisk?

It’s simply not practical or even safe to rely on the recycle bin or formatting alone, and neither can you rely on securely deleting a single file. That’s because multiple pieces of the file may be stored in different physical locations on the disk as such that it becomes fragmented. You can, of course defragment the drive before securely deleting specific content, but it’s not a particularly reliable method. Furthermore, if you’re using a solid-state drive, defragmenting it can shorten its lifespan, and it serves no purpose when it comes to improving performance, unlike with a mechanical hard drive. That’s why the most effective way to securely erase data is to securely wipe the entire hard drive using an industry-leading data sanitation solution like Active@ KillDisk. This software works by overwriting every editable sector of the drive with zeros, using multiple passes to guarantee that the original data will never be recoverable.

The result of many years of research and development, Active@ KillDisk is a product from LSoft Technologies, one of the world’s leading developers of disk utilities, including both data recovery and disk sanitation software. As such, it is especially effective at securely wiping data. The latest edition, version 11.1, was released in May 2018, and sports many improvements that make it easier to use and more reliable than ever before. It now provides improved handling of certificates and reports, which you can use to verify that a drive has undergone the proper process of disk sanitation as per industry-recognized standards. The included Boot Disk tool, which provides a self-contained operating environment, has also been updated with many tweaks to the user interface. Based on the familiar Windows 10 environment, it offers extensive customization and more.

Active@ KillDisk is also ready for industrial use thanks to its new licensing policy, which allows you to erase multiple drives in parallel. This means that customers can enjoy practically unlimited scalability without having to rely on multiple tools and upgrades whenever they run into increasing workload demands. If you’re ready to get started with the latest version or test out the free trial edition, pay a visit to http://killdisk.com/eraser.htm today.

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